Who was jennifer aniston dating before brad pitt

You may be surprised to know there was trouble in paradise As much as we'd like to think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would still be together had it not been for an alleged affair with Angelina Jolie, statements by Pitt indicate he was probably already looking for an out before he found it in his co-star.In Pitt's own words, he "got burnt out and felt that [he] was wasting [his] opportunity." We can only assume he meant he was "wasting his life" in an unhappy marriage instead of being honest about his own feelings.However, she was admittedly shocked when immediately afterward, Pitt was photographed with Jolie, "frolicking on the beach with Maddox at a romantic resort in Africa." Aniston, who by contrast kept a decidedly low profile following the separation, admitted to being "shocked," by how quickly her ex moved on.So quickly that it seemed to justify rumors of infidelity. Pitt didn't officially separate from Aniston until about a year later.to keep things quiet for as long as they can, but this proves difficult since Brad is one of the biggest movie stars in the world and Jen is America's sweetheart.(Also, big ups to their beauty lewks in this photo.) Just a few months after that initial debut, Brad and Jen crash the stage of a Sting concert (ha ha ha ha) in New York City and flaunt their engagement.Unfortunately for Aniston, this out-with-the-old attitude meant that in addition to changing up his lifestyle, he also wanted to remove himself from their relationship.

It takes the heat and the weight out of things." (specifically, "The One with the Rumor") where he wears a jaunty sweater and frosted tips and, oh yeah, hates Rachel Green.

With this in mind, it seems like a situation where Aniston was duped into believing the problems in her marriage weren't related to infidelity when there are reports that seem to contradict this.

In Jen Aniston's own words, there is no simple or singular explanation for why her marriage to Brad Pitt never worked out. "Relationships are complicated, whether they're friendships or business relationships or parent relationships.

, Brad Pitt admitted he was on drugs at the time of their divorce.

"For a long time I thought I did too much damage — drug damage." Pitt said that he was "burn out" from his lifestyle, and felt he needed a change.

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Just days after announcing her split from Justin Theroux, news broke that Jennifer Aniston kept love notes from Brad Pitt throughout her marriage. And speaking of Brad, now that he and Jennifer are both single once again, debating whether or not they will (or should) reunite has become a national pastime.

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