Who is wrestler sheamus dating

How many times I was molested by doctors in my teens and told my mom and she didn't believe me?

So that was my point exactly..any of you have proof that she was taken advantage of and haven’t reported it to the authorities then It seems like you are the ones protecting said pedophile. To this day I still have trust issues Do you know how many times I told my parents and teachers I was molested by bullies in the 3rd grade and nobody believed me?

No one in their right mind would be jealous of that.

You just mad there is real evidence and will try to defend pedophiles.

Speaking of Drew Mc Intyre, the former NXT Champion was on Talk Sport during WWE’s tour of the UK, and hinted that reports claiming Sheamus’ career is over are false.

He said that he was not sure of the exact date that Sheamus will be returning to WWE, but did say that the Irishman was doing well: “I have no clue about his return date.She could be legal now but the evidence is there that she was taken advantage of when she was a minor. None of you have any actual proof of ANYTHING, you're just depending on your gang of mean girls to take your word for it. She's still a skank and nothing changes around here does it. Izzy is nothing more than a stalker and a jealous one at that. Still an imitating skank Izzy, still a drunk skank.Her family could support her her friends ( if she has any real friends ) people do disgusting things for money. Ohhh...of you dated sheamus, one of you knows finn balor, one of you has links to sonething she allegedly posted. Even with all your superior detective work and gum flapping, Izzy still has EVERYTHING you are all still lusting after. Checking in after a year and same old Izzy still trying to attack people. He was also the 2010 King of the Ring winner, and 2012 Royal Rumble winner.He won the 2015 ladder match and thus its Money in the Bank contract, which he successfully cashed in at Survivor Series 2015 to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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