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Dylan Mc Kay was a bad boy who loved Bukowski, Lord Byron, and Jack Kerouac, none of whom he was assigned for school. He wasn’t a rebel like grunge in the ’90s or punk in the ’80s — he was cool like the ’50s, all sideburns and motorcycle jacket and youthful rebellion like James Dean. Worldly Dylan Mc Kay would scoff at the TV heartthrob Luke Perry turned out to be, but my love for him was tender and pure in ways that didn’t even matter if it was entirely uncool. He’s fairly hot and mysterious, yet a bit goofy and vulnerable — powerless against vampires and Buffy’s charm both.

A part of Luke Perry’s representative officially made a statement mentioning that Wendy Madison Bauer.

Most recently, he starred in “Love in Paradise,” in 2016. Luke Perry admitted that he could “take or leave” cigarettes in the 90s.

He mentioned that he smoked Marlboro Lights in a 1991 interview.

How Many People Have Had A Luke Perry Poster On Their Bedroom Wall? No Luke Perry had never done a gay or straight sex scene, but he did do a fully nude scene in the HBO prison drama ‘OZ’. Though he is now dead, Luke Perry was one of the pioneers of the very 90s fashion of casual long-sleeved shirts, a look he continued to sport in his more recent role in What Are Luke Perry's Most Famous Hairstyles?

At the height of his fame, Luke Perry had thousands of adoring fans, and although the exact number is unknown, posters of him presumably hung from the walls of thousands of teenage girls’ bedroom walls during that time. In the 90s Luke Perry was famous for his effortless, slicked-back pompadour hairstyle, and the look has suited him nicely, even more than 20 years later. Aside from his acting roles, Luke Perry will be remembered as a father, brother, friend, and mentor; as well as the cover boy for AARP, a non-profit organization.

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Perry dated Yasmine Bleeth of ‘Baywatch’ fame back in the 80s, followed by a brief fling with actress Kelly Preston in 1990, before wedding Rachel Minnie Sharp in 1993. In 2007, rumours circulated that Luke Perry had a fling with actress Renee Zellweger, but it remained unconfirmed. Luke Perry played the character of Dylan Mc Kay for 199 episodes.

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