Who is logan paul dating

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When two stars date each other either it's kept under the radar or it makes the headline.

In Amanda and Justin case, it was the second one as they were spotted in many celebs hotspots.

As for whether or not they will ever put a label on it beyond "friends who sometimes make out," only time will tell.

He continues in the vlog, “It's kind of awkward because this puts us in a position where you’re maybe forced to label what this is, but we don’t know what it is.

Everything between the two Vine actors is going well but this is not the first relationship of Amanda with the Vine actor. As of now, there are rumors of Amanda breaking up with Logan and both of them has not confirmed or denied the news yet.

The Vine stars, King Bach and Amanda dated back in 2015.

Amanda and king moved on as King Bach started dating Liane Valenzuela another fellow Vine star whereas Amanda made the headline dating the R&B star Justin Biber.These days, Cerny is making headlines in the media due to her new intimate relationship with her new beau Johannes Bartl. Cerny is more concerned about her health these days.Her Instagram has filled with her romantical posts with him. Johannes Bartl is also a You Tube star, he has appeared in numerous Cerny’s videos. Her beau also helps her to maintain her physical fitness. He is a vegan fitness model and athlete who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 430K plus subscribers as of June 2018.The internet flooded with the news of this relationship because Justin Biber broke up with Selena Gomez and he was dating Miss October Amanda. In 2011, Amanda was dating the comedian-actor, Dane Cook.The relationship which started in 2016 did not go very far as they broke-up making another headline. The relationship was public when Dane and his girlfriend were spotted spending time together in Hawaii.

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After smashing the Playboy mag Amanda Cerny has crashed into Youtube.

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