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The 42 year old single mother has many admirers in her career. With a total net worth of million and a great sum of salary, John has been able to leave an imprint during his time in the news industry.During the 2008 presidential elections, he anchored and reported a 90 minute documentary on Senator John Mc Cain who was a presidential candidate.

He also appeared in the news shows called Anderson Cooper 360 and The Situation Room and sometimes also works as an anchor.

He also uses the Multi-Touch collaboration wall which is used to display and manipulate the maps and graphics during election results.

King was the one to break the story of General Colin Powell’s news on not contesting for president.

When it comes to lowkey celebrities, people make several assumptions.

Assumptions on him being gay are totally wrong as he is straight has been married twice. The couple had also welcomed two children together named as Noah King and Hannah King but had to undergo divorce due to several personal reasons. In 1991, John was appointed as the chief political correspondent, where he headed the AP's political coverage of the presidential elections in the year 19. He was also the CNN anchor who first confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden to that network's viewers on May 2 of 2011.

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John moderated a Republican Presidential debate on January 19, 2012, before the South Carolina Primary.

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