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Born on 23rd September 1961, Chris Heisser’s hometown is in Los Angeles, California.He belongs to white American ethnicity and holds American citizenship.In 1989, 17-year-old Veronica Sawyer despairs at Westerburg High School's hellish social hierarchy, where students like Martha Dunnstock are tormented by jocks Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly, and the school is ruled by the Heathers: weak-willed Heather Mc Namara, bulimic Heather Duke, and "mythic bitch" queen Heather Chandler. adds toxic drain cleaner to his mug as a joke, but the mugs get accidentally switched. Veronica tries to get on with her normal life but is berated and mocked by Chandler's ghost. Veronica gives him an ultimatum: give up violence and live a normal life with her, or lose her forever ("Seventeen"). Shortly after, Veronica stops Mc Namara from overdosing in the bathroom. D., carrying a gun, again tries to persuade Veronica to kill Duke; realizing how unstable he is, Veronica breaks up with him (In the Off-Broadway production, there is not a song used for Veronica having enough of J.When Veronica's talent for forgery gets the Heathers out of detention, they give her a makeover and elevate her to their inner circle ("Beautiful"). Veronica tries to rescue the Heathers from a drunk Kurt and Ram, who aggressively beg her for sex, but she gives them more alcohol until they pass out ("Blue", in the alternate song, "You're Welcome," she escapes by pushing them into a cow pasture full of manure). As she realizes Ram is dead and the bullets are real, J. shoots Kurt dead and proclaims his undying love to a horrified Veronica ("Our Love Is God"). D.'s unstable nature, however, "I Say No" is a song made exclusively for the West End production that explains everything through song). blackmails Duke into making the student body sign a petition. As she barricades herself in the closet, he reveals the petition, signed by every student, is actually a mass suicide note – his plan to blow up the pep rally will look like a mass suicide.Chandler discovers Martha's crush on Ram, and orders Veronica to forge a love letter from him to Martha, tempting Veronica with the promise of popularity ("Candy Store"). at a 7-Eleven, and he extols the virtues of the Slurpee for numbing his grief ("Freeze Your Brain"). Heather Duke assumes Chandler's status and symbolic red scrunchie, and Ram and Kurt tell everyone they had sex with Veronica ("Blue (Reprise)" in the Off-Broadway production. At Ram and Kurt's funeral, a distraught Veronica reflects that they could have outgrown their immaturity ("Prom or Hell? Grief-stricken, Ram's Dad chastises Kurt's Dad for remaining homophobic, until Kurt's Dad suddenly kisses Ram's Dad -- revealing their own secret love affair. She storms out as the students organize a pep rally ("Heyo, Westerburg"). Martha, mourning Ram, jumps off a bridge ("Kindergarten Boyfriend") but survives. He breaks open the closet to find Veronica dangling from a noose. convinces her to let him take the bomb instead ("I Am Damaged"); it explodes, killing him alone.The mysterious, Baudelaire-quoting new kid, Jason "J. wins a fight against the jocks, and Veronica finds herself unexpectedly attracted ("Fight for Me"). At Ram's homecoming party, Veronica gets increasingly drunk and high ("Big Fun"). "Never Shut Up Again", replacing it in the West End version). and Veronica comfort each other and plan a vengeful prank: Veronica will lure the jocks to the cemetery with the promise of making their fictional threesome real, then J. and Veronica will shoot them with tranquilizer "Ich Lüge" bullets to knock them out, leaving a forged suicide note confessing they were gay lovers. Confession brings catharsis and all vow to make the world a more tolerant place ("My Dead Gay Son"). Veronica rushes to the hospital, taunted by the ghosts of Kurt, Ram, and Chandler ("Yo Girl"). Grief-stricken, he leaves to complete his plan ("Meant to Be Yours"). Unable to disarm the bomb, Veronica takes it to the empty football field. Returning to school, Veronica takes the scrunchie from Heather Duke and ends the era of social ridicule.The show's director, Andy Fickman, had been working with Daniel Waters (the screenwriter of the film) on the musical.

After a sold-out Los Angeles tryout, the show moved Off-Broadway in 2014. Veronica, urged on by Chandler's ghost, confesses that she forged the note to humiliate Martha, who runs off in tears. Fleming holds a televised therapy assembly ("Shine a Light").

He is a businessman by profession and came to fame after being in a relationship with Heather Locklear.

Then he started his own construction and real estate company. Right before being arrested along with Heather, he was arrested for forging a signature.

While "Blue" contained no dialogue for Veronica, by contrast "You're Welcome" allows Veronica to express her fears and solve her problem, defeating her assailants decisively.

As well as providing a more empowering alternative for Veronica, the new song remedies the way that "Blue" was often considered as “treating date rape as a laughing matter” and presenting sexual assault or harassment as “boyish antics”, due to the comical nature of the song.

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