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It came to a disappointing halt when just hours before Gretchen was scheduled to undergo an embryo transfer, their doctor called to say that all 14 embryos were lost."This is beyond anything I had ever expected to experience.It literally took a good year and a half for us to even get to a point where I was willing to talk about it again," the former Bravo star explained on Gretchen went on to do two more rounds of IVF, and in November she learned of her pregnancy.

Instead I wanted a giant pickle and a hamburger at 3 o'clock in the morning."Of course, 41-year-old Gretchen isn't alone in her quest to become a mom later in life.show that is on TV seemingly every minute of the day, but sometimes in order to get a girl to like you, you have to sit in front of the TV and suffer through her mindless shows and act like you care.Whether you like the show or not, she’ll appreciate that you Whether you like the show or not, she’ll appreciate that you spent some time doing what she likes, especially after all the times she’s had to watch football or all of those dates at sporting events you’ve taken her on. While the drama is contrived and over the top, there can be some pretty nice eye candy on these shows.So how is the future mama adjusting to life with a baby on board?The bizarre food cravings are in full swing, as she tells E!

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  1. The critic Sukanya Verma found Kapoor to be miscast as a village boy in the film, but noted that he was "never short of spontaneity and youthful exuberance".