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The funniest thing any of my kids has said was when I moved into my first house.

My son, Seven, who was 3, said, ‘What if somebody breaks in on us?

She tells the outlet that she preferred having her children in a “natural” environment, where there wasn’t too much fuss.

“When a mother has found out she’s going to have a baby, her whole life — her diet, her mood, her energy — should kind of prepare her.

“Your light is created for you to be in this world and put that light up on a lamp stand so that anyone who walks into that roomwill see that light. Sometimes we dim our light, most importantly, because we don’t truly believe in that light.

“Well, as I started to discover that I didn’t believe in my path, even though I found my path, I started to work on myself. And that took like, me sittin’ down reading books that fed me. Waking up in the morning, saying the things that I wanted. Believin’ it and speakin’ it till I started believe in it more and more.

Everyone is excited for the “On & On” singer to take the stage, especially after Badu promised that the celebration would be “everything! Badu has had a busy year, and it seems like nothing will be quieting down anytime soon– not only is she working on an EP with D. Badu has three loving children who have supported her every step of the way. Read on to learn more about Erykah Badu’s children. The father of her oldest child, Seven Sirius Benjamin, is rapper Andre 3000 from Out Kast.

Her kids may not all be grown up, but they’re an important part of her life, and Badu has spoken about them all in various interviews. Badu’s middle child is a girl named Puma Sabti Curry, whose father is West Coast rapper The D. C., and her youngest, a girl named Mars Merkaba Thedford, is seven, and the daughter of rapper Jay Electronica.

“I discovered I didn’t truly believe in myself wholeheartedly with every morsel that I had in my body and I discovered that through a breakup,” he told a packed crowd. When we did break up, one of the most important things I discovered was that I was scared to wear my greatness.Speaking in 2014 with Vibe, Andre discussed his relationship with his former ‘baby mama’. I don’t have any idea what Seven is going to choose to do, but he knows how to be disciplined and how to learn, and because of that he’s one of the top students in his school, and one of the top students in Dallas.”Along with being very involved in her children’s schooling, Erykah has chosen a vegan lifestyle for them.She tells People, “When Seven was born I was a vegetarian and his father [Andre 3000] was too, so it was a natural progression for him in life to eat the things we eat… It’s just what’s in the house.”In her interview with People, Badu revealed that she birthed all three children at home. You try to break up with some guys and they act like it never happened. Charlemagne: How many times did you try to break up with him?

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