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of October 1956 in the coal mining area of Pikeville, Kentucky United State and was named Dwight David Yoakam.

He was born into the family of David Yoakam his father who owned a gas station and Ruth Ann Yoakam, his mother who was known as a keypunch operator.

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One cannot talk about country music pioneering-style without remembering Dwight Yoakam who is a multi-talented personality.

He became so acquainted with music and was known to have spent a good time with some local garage bands playing guitar and singing too.

There are only a few country musicians who have proven it takes more than a hat and guitar to become a country star, Dwight Yoakam is one of such singers; his robust career has placed him far above many of his contemporaries.

Yoakam stands out for his classic flow, thought-provoking lines, fresh vibes, and above all, his soothing voice and super performances.

He is an American musician, songwriter, and actor but is also known as a frequent guest of ‘The Tonight Show’.

His prowess as a country musician distinguished him as a music legend with so many compilations, numerous albums, and two Grammy Awards.

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However, his passion for the pursuit of his music career saw him make a major move in 1977.

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