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Her choice to do this likely stems not from the way people in the United States use this term, but from the way the people in Nigeria use it, leading to terms like "Americanah." There is a certain irony, however, in the contrast between her globally-minded perspective on American culture and this example of US centrism in her language.Names become very important to the novel as Ifemelu, Obinze, and others work and study abroad in places where their names make them clear outsiders and are sometimes even dangerous (in the case of taking on other names for work purposes).Ifemelu narrates that she liked the “affluent ease” (3) of the university town, but “she did not like that she had to go to Trenton,” a less affluent city nearby, “to braid her hair” (3).

While Aisha talks about Nigerian films, even asking if Ifemelu knows one of the actors, Ifemelu thinks about the responses she has gotten to her announcement that she is moving back.

Now, he thinks back to the origin of the nickname she called him: when they were young and beginning to experiment sexually, she once told him that while he touched her her “eyes were open but [she] did not see the ceiling.” Soon, this became both her secret word for fooling around and for him; once, when his friends asked why she called him that, she lied purposefully to taunt them all. He changes into the outfit laid out for him by his wife and they head out of the house to Chief’s party.

Breaking his reverie, Obinze’s wife calls, asking as always “Kedu ebe I no? Throughout the party, Obinze goes back and forth between being present in the superficial conversations of the present and reflecting on the actions that got him to this place, making himself into something of a devotee to Chief and eventually getting his shot at a business selling large properties.

She reflects on breaking up with Blaine, and how he asked her “Why?

” (8) in a way that searched for a singular cause in a way unlike his usual method of nuanced inquiry as a professor.

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