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I can't say I have a problem with this; I don't want my kid to look like a thug or ho, either.I also have a release sheet I have to sign agreeing to let my daughter on the Internet; the school uses filters but "determined users" might be able to get past them -- i.e., anyone who know how to get into the preferences and turn off the filters.I believe in letting my daughter explore online, but on the other hand, I'm not stupid, either.

Those message included details about the efforts to revive Epstein, raising questions about the possibility that the poster had intimate knowledge of the circumstances, and may have been a first responder themselves.

The reason Bradford's doing this is pretty simple: The school has comparatively poor test scores (an artifact of being a poor rural district with a small number of students, so that one dumb kid pulls down the entire curve).

In 2002, it was in an "Academic Emergency," which is defined as getting a pass on 7 or fewer of the 27 state academic assessment tests; last year it did rather better and was upgraded to "Continuous Improvement," but of course there's a ways to go, and one of the ways to work on it is to spend time with the kids as early as possible, getting them ready to learn.

I realize I'm in an extreme minority here, but I have to say I'm pretty much totally unconcerned about Athena pulling up something objectionable on the Internet, and as for viewing something inappropriate, I think if she did her first reaction would simply to be to ask what it is that she's viewing.

Athena knows from us that there are some things that she as a kid isn't supposed to be viewing -- that there's an adult world and a kid's world, and when we tell her something is for adults, she usually gets it.

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