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I would suggest the AT& T thing is probably a red herring.Would be interesting to get an official response from Apple or Yahoo on this thread.Next thing - I want to delete the Apple app from my homescreen - I hate having an icon for a nonworking app. I've been periodically testing out the weather app on my boyfriend's Verizon LTE connected i Phone 5, and his weather app works fine. t=1508190I encourage those of you following this thread to also post at the above link. Has everyone's native weather app magically fixed itself? I've been following the the discussions on Mac Rumors and i Clarified, as well as this one, and it seems the only people still talking about this are the i Clarified folks, although the people at Mac Rumors have more in-depth information. No, the "update failed" situation with the weather app has not been resolved.Whereas my AT& T i Phone is still having the same problem. Hopefully someone out therecan shed more light on this issue, or offer a definitive solution. It just seems that more attention has been given to this problem at the links that you mention in your post. Though I haven’t encountered this issue on the latest version of i OS, I had run into it a long way back on the previous versions of i OS. If you haven’t added it as yet, tap on the “ ” button to the left of it. Once your device has restarted, head over to the Lock screen to check out if the Weather widget has started working or not. When you reset your i OS device to factory settings, all of your website logins and Wi-Fi passwords would be removed. Wrap up: Assuming Weather widget has started to work correctly on your device. Note: If you have already added the Weather widget, tap on the red button to remove it and then tap on Done to confirm. To force restart i Phone X, i Phone 8/8 Plus, jump over to this quick guide. If that is the case, it’s time to take a hard decision, and that is to reset your device to factory default. Open Settings app on your i OS device → General Step #2. Open Settings app → General → Software Update and install the latest i OS version.The guy who was supposed to help tried to explain the whole thing as a "temporary network failure", whatever that it is supposed to be.He even checked his own phone while I was there and he had the exact same problem. My solution - download the free Weather Channel app - it works fine and like the Apple app is supposed to work.

Personally, I am not a user of Passbook, and don't plan on using it to purchase movie tickets with Siri and Fandango... How many times have I read..been told.."Weather Underground" or some other weather app is better? It is important that anyone who is following this thread, or the others at Mac Rumors and i Clarified, continue to press AT&T to at least respond to these inquiries, and not remain deaf to its customers.But just trying to update the weather app—no bueno.Maybe somebody somewhere blacklisted the specific URL that the weather app uses.I can only think the Yahoo infrastructure can't cope with the traffic as the i Phone population continues to grow.This would explain why it works sometimes and not others.

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I have seen numerous posts regarding this issue in various forums online. The following steps are what I have done to try and resolve this issue, but to no avail.1. I tested it on my boyfriend's Verizon LTE (i Phone 5, 6.0), and it says update failed as well.

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