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It’s tempting to do this because there are so many guides, courses, coaching services, and preparation resources out there.And yes, I’ll plead guilty to magnifying this trend, but most of our courses are not at all intended for “last-minute consumption.” The key to technical mastery is starting long in advance and then practicing repeatedly over a long time – months or years.How Do You Cross the Line from “Being Well-Prepared” to “Being Overbearing”?There are a few specific reasons why this has been happening more and more frequently: Reason #1: Prep Resources Have Multiplied, and You Think “Interview Prep” = Binge-Watching last week.But I am 100% certain that people out there are paying and getting paid for these types of “services.” Example #2: Reciting an Overly-Rehearsed “Story” and/or Overthinking Other Questions Another message from the other day: SUBJECT: interview question BODY: “Recently I had a Superday interview at a bulge bracket bank.

But hey, if they do make another sequel you might want to contact the producers…

It happens in interviews, in networking, and even when you’re preparing to start working.

And I know this firsthand because of all the email and inquiries we get on this topic: Example #1: People Asking Us to Complete Their Timed, On-the-Spot Case Studies I refuse all requests like this, for both ethical and personal reasons.

Instead of conducting negotiations first, one power simply decides to launch a barrage of nuclear weapons at the other one. This is a ridiculous scenario, but you might be doing something similar in interviews.

I’ve seen many people go into interviews and give off the attitude that they know more the interviewer – or that they are perfect for the role because of Reason X.

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your knowledge, and appear “competent, but not perfect.” How to Cross Back from “Overbearing” to “Well-Prepared” There isn’t a quick, simple fix for everything, but I would suggest these 7 steps first: Once you know your 1-2 key “risk factors,” you should structure your answers to address those.

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