Validating xml with xsd java

XSD files are "XML Schemas" that describe the structure of a XML document.

I noticed that if_ixml_parser interface has the validating functionality.

In the following example, we read an XML file with a SAX parser.

SAXException; public class My Runner package com.zetcode; import

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In this page you can check the validity of your XML Schema (XSD) file. The library used in this page is jaxp, Java API for XML Processing, version 1.4, from Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_06-b24).

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Where the DOM reads the whole document to operate on XML, SAX parsers read XML node by node, issuing parsing events while making a step through the input stream. On the other hand, DOM is easier to use and there are tasks, such as sorting elements, rearranging elements or looking up elements, that are faster with DOM.

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