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In particular, though the first such conversion may be time-consuming, repeated operations will not need to redo the conversion.

See Numeric operators and numeric conversions for details.) In fact numbers stored in the native integer format may be stored either in the signed native form, or in the unsigned native form.

There are a variety of comparison operators you can use to determine the logical flow of your Perl programs.

We've already discussed the difference between the Perl numeric comparison operators and the Perl string comparison operators, which can cause some confusion to new Perl programmers.

Operator overloading allows user-defined behaviors for numbers, such as operations over arbitrarily large integers, floating points numbers with arbitrary precision, operations over "exotic" numbers such as modular arithmetic or p-adic arithmetic, and so on. Perl can internally represent numbers in 3 different ways: as native integers, as native floating point numbers, and as decimal strings.

Decimal strings may have an exponential notation part, as in .

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