Validating drop down list in asp c sharp

In Cell Dropdown = true; Nothing fancy, but as usual it took a bit of searching to figure out the right enumerations to use in the method call – hopefully it will be useful to someone else! First, I wondered what would happen if I tried to set through code the contents of a cell to a value that isn’t valid.

The Drop Down List is a web server control which is used to create an HTML Select component. Adding item to the Drop Down List, by providing values to the Text and Value properties.

It’s common to spend hours on something trivial, such as displaying a selected value in a Drop Down List on postback, or getting that selected value in a controller.To do that within Excel, just go to the Data ribbon, and the Data Validation button displays a dialog like the one below. Turns out it’s not very complicated, as I just found out. Selecting allow “List”, and typing in a few comma-separated values in the Source section will do the job. Just create a Validation object, Add it to a Range, and you are good to go. Error Alert defines the message that should show up when an invalid value is entered – and allows to disable the Error Alert if need be. Add( Xl Validate List, Xl DVAlert Valid Alert Information, Xl Format Condition Between, flat List, Type. Input Message behaves like a Tool Tip that shows up on cell selection, with a title and message, in a way similar to Comments, but not editable.

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