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Require Field isn't very helpful because I want to validate that a use did select at least one of these option. Hugonne- This look like it could work - however, what if I have another group of checkbox.Bottom line -- I'd like to know how I can validate that a use has selected at least one option? How would it differentiate between class format and another checkbox group? That way, if you have another group, you can wrap them as well inside a div, give that div another id, and use the same j Query.

I have some checkboxes in a form that I'd like to validate (check to ensure that at least one has been ticked): I need to pass along multiple checkbox responses to my PHP script and therefore need to keep checkboxes named name="response[]".

I want to force a user check the control before submitting the form. I am stack The script is : Hi, Go through below links..

I've tried to use Requiredfieldvalidator and Control To Validate but ASP.

thanks, Justin Try this out it may work, if not you won't be using Linq unless they upgrade. Javascript for validation if checkboxes are checked in web form I have 26 checkboxes on my form. Does anybody happen to if Powerbuilder 11 supports non default web sites? Web Forms via FF 3.5.3Is there any add-ons that would prevent me from submitting an online e-mail where I have to click a "submit" button? When I am sending an e-mail to a company through a web form, I cannot click the send radio button.

If so, how - and is there any official MSFT documentation? To see if the checkbox is checked use the "checked" property of that object. function count Check Items() { var items = all.tags("INPUT"); var i; var i Selec... If you have a multitiered application in which the busines logic and data access are in different parts/assemblies you can reuse them. Our default web site is turned off and instead we use several other sites.

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