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The mod 11 of this 'is subtracted from 11 for the second control digit. Weighted Digits Two = (Bank Digit(10) * 1) _ (Bank Digit(11) * 2) _ (Bank Digit(12) * 4) _ (Bank Digit(13) * 8) _ (Bank Digit(14) * 5) _ (Bank Digit(15) * 10) _ (Bank Digit(16) * 9) _ (Bank Digit(17) * 7) _ (Bank Digit(18) * 3) _ (Bank Digit(19) * 6) Mod Digit Two = 11 - (Weighted Digits Two Mod 11) If Mod Digit Two = 10 _ Then Control Digit Two = 1 Else Control Digit Two = Mod Digit Two End If 'Compares the 9th digit of the account number to what we calculated as the first control digit, 'Compares the 10th digit of the account number to what we calculated as the second control digit, 'If both match, returns true, if one of both of them is wrong returns false If Bank Digit(8) = Control Digit One And Bank Digit(9) = Control Digit Two _ Then SPAINBANK = True Else SPAINBANK = False End If End If ' Closing If at the top of function End Functionallows the code to compile, but I don't have any valid account numbers to try.

(I could work through the code to figure it out, but it would be easier if you could give an example of one that works and one that should give an error).

You may not need the ability to build Bank Check into your own application so we also provide a simple Windows App which does the job of verifying the sortcode and bank account number for you.

In particular, when accepting paperless direct debit instructions it is mandatory that you perform an ISCD lookup and modulus check at the time of accepting the instruction.

Bank Check does just that for you, it ensures your sort code and account number are checked and accurate from the start.

Again, because we only charge for the use of the service you can install Bank Check on just one desktop or a thousand desktops, we don't mind.

Performing sort code validation and bank account validation ensures you have the correct bank details and is crucial to the smooth running of your direct debit management systems.

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