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The work was tedious and frustrating, and we did not have great success in gaining converts.But the months went by, and my senior companion was transferred to another part of the mission, and I was given a "junior companion," who was to learn the ropes from me. (By the way, all names in these pages are fictitious, even the names of fictitious people.) He was tall and lanky, and spoke with that southern Utah drawl that is unmistakable.Barbie & Ken in the Temple - See why Barbie is so well endowed Funny Undies Drawer - Airing Mormon temple garments dirty laundry Holy Havoc - Unholy temple experiences from behind the veil Mormons and Masonry - Joseph's plagiarism revealed Temple Square Graffiti - Giving "the finger" back to the Lord Temple New Names - Sons and Daughters of Perdition on the Exmo Net Temple Endowment Dialogs - Secrets no longer sacred When I was a young and devout Mormon boy of 19 (many, many years ago) I was thrilled to be called on a mission.In those days missionaries were trained at the training center in Salt Lake City.And besides, Sister Rogers and I do indeed hold the priesthood, but it is not the same as the male priesthood. As the first step in the ordinance you are required to receive the Law of the Second Endowment and to take a solemn covenant to strictly observe it. "This is the Law of the Second Endowment: That while receiving the Endowment you are to remain solemn and silent, speaking only when commanded.It is given only to women, and has been handed down directly from Heavenly Mother, through generations of time." Bronson said, "I was told that the purpose of the Second Endowment was to make sure one's calling and election. " Sister Evans replied, "Yes, your calling and erection will be made sure." "Well? "Are you ready and willing to accept your Second Endowment? "Okay, I guess I accept." It was obvious that he was not happy about the situation. You are not to make any facial expressions, not to smile, or smirk, or laugh, but at all times show only respect and silent devotion, under penalty of being immediately expelled from the room and committed to eternal misery and regret. Sister Rogers then said: "Bring your right arm to the square! "Do you, and each of you, solemnly promise and covenant to observe and keep the Law of the Second Anointing, as it has been explained to you?

When they greeted us at the door, it was obvious that they had gone to a lot of trouble to make it a nice evening. You will also be forbidden to ask questions during the performance of the ordinance, or even to speak unless commanded to do so. Each of you answer yes or no." Bronson and I sat there stunned, and looked at each other for a moment. " "You may ask, since we have not yet begun, but I cannot assure you that your questions will be answered." "I thought that the Second Endowment was performed only in the Holy of Holies in the temple?During that ritual, the recipients are ordained "priests and kings" and "priestesses and queens," and assure that their "calling and election" has been made "sure," meaning that they are now guaranteed first-class admission to the Celestial Kingdom, regardless of their sins.Part of the ritual is performed by the couple in the privacy of their home, with the wife washing her husband's feet and giving him a blessing.After training, each missionary left Salt Lake City to the mission assigned.My mission was in a large city near the east coast of the United States.

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