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here is an example array converted from an xml file: array( "@tag"= Here's a quick way to dump the node Values from Simple XML into an array using the path to each node Value as key. in code that doesn't know about the underlying xml).Then I use DOMXPath to find the node containing the original value and update it.Check out a proper explanation on this part, but it's basically: The -p option specifies the XML ID of the section you're wanting to generate.You can find this in in the en/reference/rar/ directory, if you're using that extension.

(Because neither the function nor the json_decode(json_encode($obj)) hack listed there worked for me.) There's probably some superfluous code in here that could be improved on -- but it works!

This accepts xml strings, * files, and DOM objects.

It can also perform the reverse, converting * an Simple XMLElement back into a string, file, or DOM object.

", while in an PHP array, the key of which must be different.

I think the array structure developed by svdmeer can fit for XML, and fits well. I use this when I need to update values externally (i.e.

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