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The example environment I will use is the same as that used for my Workgroup Deployment with Forefront TMG Enterprise Edition series of articles, namely: Where TMG03 is the array manager server and TMG04 is the array managed server.

As this environment is based upon a standalone array for a workgroup deployment, this also allows us to see the additional steps required for this scenario (which is handy).

For this you'll have to use the positional "$" operator. We can push a new item to an array without a "my_item_two" as follows: For your question #2, the answer is easier.

Something like: Note that this will only increment the first matched subdocument in any array (so if you have another document in the array with "item_name" equal to "my_item_two", it won't get incremented). To increment the total and the price of item_three in any document that contains "my_item_three," you can use the $inc operator on multiple fields at the same time. Also in multithreaded enviourment you have to be careful that only one thread can execute the second (insert case, if document did not found) at a time, otherwise duplicate embed documents will be inserted.

In this scenario, the recommended option is to designate an existing, fully functional array managed server as the new array manager.

This is achieved using the Set as Array Manager link from Tasks tab of the Forefront TMG Management console.

Only one array manager can exist within an array and this essentially becomes the master configuration owner.

A common question to ask (as people did with ISA Server 2006 EE and the CSS role) is When the array manager cannot come back online, or is going to be offline for a long period of time, it is probably unacceptable to lose access to the Forefront TMG configuration or be unable to connect to it using the Forefront TMG Management console.

However, this document does not cover the expectation of the administrator when it comes to actually performing the procedure on the following counts: So, I thought it would be useful to document this process with a real-world slant with a basic walkthrough…

Software Assurance for UAG can still be purchased until January 1, 2014.

Forefront UAG 2010 will be removed from the pricelist on July 1, 2014.

This technology is based upon the old locally installed Configuration Storage Server (CSS) model and does not require the use of a dedicated management server.

Unlike the existing model, there is now the concept of an Array Manager server and other array members are termed Array Managed servers.

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The above prompt assumes that this certificate is available in an exported PFX file format with an associated password.

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