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The next stage is actually transmitting those codes over to the Sony Blu-Ray player to make it region-free, so this is what you do after having programmed the All-In-One: 1) (Using the Sony remote) turn the Sony Blu-Ray player ON (if it's not already on) 2) ensure that there is no disc inside 3) Wait till the Blu-Ray player is ready (its display should read "Home") 4) (Using the One-For-All remote), press the following number buttons after each other: 1 2 3 4 5 5) If I remember correctly there should now be an "OK" in the Blu-Ray player's display 6) (using the Sony remote) turn OFF the Blu-Ray player 4) turn ON the Blu-Ray player, insert a different region DVD and enjoy your success! I purchased a Sony S5200 Blu-Ray player in USA and a RCA URC RCR003RWD.

I followed the instructions which came with the URC to program it for controlling my Blu-Ray player. However, the procedure to make the player region free did not yield any result. Any one managed to make region free the Sony BDP-A6000 with URC 7980 one for all remote control ?

I do not know if what I did made it work, or if it perhaps would have worked anyways.

I also cannot say if the "0533" or "00533" code already did the trick in my first two attempts because there was never any feedback (flashing) if the commands I sent were successfully received or not.

It is very important to use the 0533 setup code to setup your DVD controller - even if this code doesn't appear to work. In my case, pressing on the number 5 powered the Blu-ray player on and off.. Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter un lecteur sony 400 (Model BDP CX 960 J'essaye votre manip mais sans succès lorsque l'on fait la manipulation avec la "One for all", le lecteur doit-être éteint ou allumé (je ne comprends pas la phrase Use the Sony remote to bring the player out of standby). Maintenir le bouton Magic enfoncé jusqu'à ce que le bouton DVD clignote deux fois. Neither on the remote (other than the one-time flashing that happens with every press of any button) nor on the player.

Has someone with a region-1 Sony Blu-Ray player managed to make theirs region-free?

To Marc: I agree it's confusing as I didn't understand it at first either, but I figured out that the first stage (the instructions with the magic codes above etc.) is all about programming the All-In-One.

I have sent the player in to have it exchanged for a new one, it is still under warranty.

But I am now a bit hesitant to hack the new player again..thoughts? Yiu need to wait for it to stop blinking before pressing the magic key again (between steps 5 and 6, etc.) I'm hoping I don't face the same issues as Martin (post #26).

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I also did not try to play the DVD inbetween the attempts of the different initiall "533 codes".

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