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Sometimes, you want to include the data on an Excel spreadsheet in a Microsoft Power Point presentation.There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on whether or not you want to maintain a connection with the source Excel sheet. You actually have three options for including a spreadsheet in a Power Point presentation.There are some distinct advantages to embedding, though.For example, if you’re distributing that presentation to people who might not have access to the original Excel sheet, or if the presentation needs to show that Excel sheet at a specific point in time (rather than getting updated), embedding (and breaking the connection to the original sheet) makes more sense.You can use Power Point’s basic table formatting tools on it, but you can’t use any of Excel’s features after the conversion.While that can be useful sometimes, your other two options—linking and embedding—are much more powerful, and are what we’re going to show you how to do in this article.The difference comes in how these two options treat their connection to that original Excel spreadsheet: There are advantages to both methods, of course.One advantage of linking a document (other than maintaining the connection) is that it keeps your Power Point presentation’s file size down, because the data is mostly still stored in the Excel sheet and only displayed in Power Point.

Once you have created the links, life is brilliant, until . If you have 100 links to different Excel workbooks you have to update each of them.

Thanks in Advance Dinesh Hi Dinesh Please refer the usage of Hyperlink Members (Power Point) and Hyperlink.

Delete Method (Power Point), I think it will give some tips for you. Delete Method (Power Point) At the same time I think you could also get help from our Microsoft Office for Developers Forums, and more professionals will share their knowledge and experience with you.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at how to link and embed an Excel Sheet in Microsoft Power Point.

Linking or embedding an Excel worksheet into a Power Point presentation is actually pretty straightforward, and the process for doing either is almost identical.

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