Updating knob tube wiring

Most electricians do not charge by the foot for this type of project, but the average works out to about to per linear foot and to for heavy-duty electrical wiring to support entertainment rooms and high-voltage appliances.

Part of replacing knob and tube wiring will be upgrading the receptacles and junction boxes in the walls.

Licensed electricians typically charge – 0 per hour, and modernizing the electrical system of an entire home in a retrofit is a major project, so prepare to budget a significant amount for labor.

Since knob and tube removal and rewiring often requires cutting into the walls in many places, you might need to hire other professional contractors for plaster, sheetrock and other repairs. One option is to hire a general contractor to manage the electricians and other trades working on repairs and upgrades.

Failing to upgrade the wiring could create a fire hazard when used in conjunction with modern high current appliances, especially if circuit breakers have not been installed.

Old knob and tube wiring, unlike modern wires, only have two wires.

When rewiring an entire building, many access holes will need to be made, which must be replaced with sheetrock or other wall coverings, which increases the expense dramatically.

Learn more about the cost of installing new drywall and drywall repairs to get a better idea of the requirements and subsequent costs.

A GFCI outlet must get installed wherever there is water, like bathrooms and kitchens, and the AFCI where there are large voltage requirements on the wires, like entertainment rooms and studies with lots of computer equipment.This approach is often less expensive but will require more time and effort.Because the project is significant, we suggest getting several estimates for the work and comparing the options for the project.The precise cost of upgrading knob and tube to modern wiring is difficult to estimate since it will vary so much based on the size and complexity of the home, the amount of wiring that needs to be replaced, the cost of labor in your area, and the skill of the electricians.Read on to learn more about these factors and how they might impact the overall price and learn more about the cost of the project on our home electrical rewiring cost guide.

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