Updating computer hardware

In this lesson, you will learn how to recognize the different components and what they do.

Before looking at the various components, it is useful to distinguish between two different types of computers: desktop computers and laptop computers.

Some hardware components are easy to recognize, such as the computer case, keyboard, and monitor.

However, there are many different types of hardware components.

It comes in various shapes and sizes, but a typical tower model is between 15-25 inches high. To save us some time, however, have a look at this desktop computer case.Drivers are pieces of software which help your computer connect to hardware items such as speakers, USB drives, and so on.Drivers are typically installed and updated automatically whenever you connect the hardware to your computer, but you may occasionally need to use your computer's update tool to take care of a stuck driver.Keep in mind that the cost of hardware depends on its specification and this, in turn, is determined by some key computer hardware components.Make sure that any hardware you choose is compatible, brings clear advantages to your business and is worth the investment.

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