Updating certifier id

For example, a member attribute of a group can contain SMTP addresses.

It is also possible to have short Name and other attributes present in reference attributes. This configuration is the most common setting for Domino implementations.

Single Logon is required for the connector to be able to log on to the Domino server.

Note: Start Lotus Notes once with a user that is located on the same server as the account you use as the connector’s service account.

The communication between the client and the server is implemented through the Lotus Notes . This interface facilitates the communication between the Microsoft.

NET platform and Lotus Notes client and supports access to Lotus Domino documents and views.

It cannot be running at the same time the Connector tries to connect to the Domino server.

To Create a Lotus Domino connector, in Synchronization Service select Management Agent and Create. If your version of synchronization service offers the ability to configure Architecture, make sure the connector is set to its default value to run in Process.

On the Connectivity page, you must specify the Lotus Domino server name and enter the logon credentials.

For Delta Import you have these options: When you click Next, the User ID and password configuration parameters are verified.

On the Global Parameters page, you configure the time zone and the import and export operation option.

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To be able to represent different variations, the Connector implements _Contact objects, also known as Virtual Contacts (VC).

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