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Docker, Kubernetes) and a lack of support for Linux specific apps (ex. I run Ubuntu on my laptop because it's pretty and runs Spotify But I run Open BSD on my servers and routers because it's simple and secure.It's a security research OS, with a focus on code correctness and simplicity, and that's what you want in a server Don't forget that the most popular GUI *nix is Mac OS, which is based on Free BSDThere are three main reasons I like to use Free BSD.

What you will notice however is poor support for certain Linux specific technology (ex. However, if you're just concentrating on learning commands, shells, scripting, programming, and some less bleeding edge server stuff, the BSDs are fully capable and you'll be able to easily port anything you learn back to Linux.As a user why would ya'll will recommend BSD to anybody?TL; DR - What benefit BSD gives that Linux doesn't and why should one use BSD after/before Linux or completely BSD?Imagine telling a Windows user mostly interested in gaming how great your favorite Linux distro is because you can use a command interpreter to rebuild packages from source, if that approach worked, it's unlikely we'd still see Windows dominating the desktop market.Regardless of what else you read here, I strongly encourage you to look into the BSD family of operating systems.

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