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With thousands of motion-activated cameras set up all over the country, there's bound to be some weird, off the wall, or just plain spooky pictures out there. FREE minutes Ifriends, one of the largest adult video chat site offer FREE welcome minutes for new members!

This is done by pointing the smartphone at an area where a camera might be hidden and looking for a bright white disc.Trail cameras are more popular than ever before, and their uses are endless.They can help pattern deer movements, catch trespassers in the act, help with estimating wildlife population numbers, catch kids trying to sneak out for a night of "studying," and much, much more.With the installation of a single app, you can move your phone around the area you suspect a camera to be hidden, and if a strong field is detected, you can be sure there is a camera secreted within the wall or object.Another way that smartphones can be used is by detecting light reflecting from a lens.

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