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But in , Eric Smith finds lots of fun and clever ways to address some typically problematic “geek” behaviors. ”), Smith offers some suggestions for alternative ways for geeks to start conversations with women, depending on the location that you meet.

When you meet a girl in the Manga aisle at a comic book store, Smith rightfully asserts that “It’s cool that you’re so into graphic novel, do you? Similarly, Chapter 5 (“First Contact”) features a “First Date Simulator” with multiple choice answers to help guide the geek towards more appropriate conversations and answers.

You keep your action figures in their original packaging.

Your bedsheets are officially licensed Star Wars merchandise.

And most attempts at addressing these kinds of situations only succeed in alienating the perpetrators—which is certainly better than allowing that behavior to continue unchecked, but doesn’t do much to change that person’s views.

Because sometimes, cosplay creeps (and other fine purveyors of horribly inappropriate social interactions) are not malicious, and are genuinely unaware of just how awful their behavior is.

Social politics of geekdom aside, want me to explain the entire Summers-Grey family tree to her in excruciating detail?

”—me, every day of my relationship for the last four years).

There are plenty of criticisms that can be justly leveraged against dating / self-help books as a genre.

Instead, the book focuses on the reader as potentially suitor—affectionately referred to as “Player One” throughout the text.

Smith offers suggestions on how to find the right Player Two—whether or not s/he actually enjoys playing video games—and how to navigate that relationship in a successful team-up, to make that person the Spider-Man to your Ghost Rider (or what have you).

You're hooked on Elder Scrolls and Metal Gear but now you've discovered an even bigger obsession: the new girl who just moved in down the hall. Take some tips from Eric Smith in The Geek's Guide to Dating.

This hilarious primer leads geeks of all ages through the perils and pitfalls of meeting women, going on dates, getting serious, breaking up, and establishing a successful lifelong relationship (hint: it's time to invest in new bedsheets).

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Full of whimsical 8-bit illustrations, The Geek's Guide to Dating will teach fanboys everywhere to love long and prosper.

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