The asp net counters are not updating

I am trying to figure out the best way to add performance counters to a windows service.

Most of the code resides outside of the service in its own class library.

When the code is running in the service, I would want it to use the performance counters.

Yesterday, I published the website to an IIS7 server running ASP. After publishing, while testing the site, I found that the hyperlinks in the repository were no longer working.

This was because the path changed ever so slightly from ~/Perfmon Templates/ to ~/Perfmon/Perfmon Templates.

I'm working on a website for my company that will allow us to house and distribute . When a user hits the repository site and chooses to view either XML or HTM Templates, the the page looks in a directory (~/Perfmon Templates/) and lists out all of files of the type that the user specified. I've tried the CTRL F5 trick to see if it was browser cache that was interfering.

The site consists of a creator tool that is used to create the templates and a repository where the templates are stored. I've checked the web.config file to insure that Debugging is enabled.

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