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Got a question about a product or an account from a big-name online retailer that makes you want to speak directly to their customer service representative? Some are run by scammers out to hijack your credit card number or install malware on your computer. But the FTC warns consumers that it’s a mistake to assume that all toll-free numbers that pop up in a search are legitimate customer service lines.Several search fields on the right side of the website link to It looks like Tony Parker had a bad day after suffering a left knee injury when San Antonio Spurs played against the Houston Rockets.It's like wearing a black shirt if you're fat to make yourself look thin; it's like wearing a horizontally-striped shirt to make yourself bloat if you're scrawny; it's like wearing a turtleneck to make yourself look taller if you're vertically-challenged. I'd still go for baby blue and apple green for the new Spurs uniform, no contest. Somebody scream out loud following a thunderous dunk, somebody show an angry face in the intense moments of the game, somebody WOO every other minute that passes to make sure everyone's heart is still beating, somebody shout "That's what I'm talkin' about!" every dead ball no matter who the possession points to.

The download time for each file may be long, as each file includes 140,000 to 166,000 records, but once the download is complete, the person can search for names.

has a database that is easy to search and provides scans of actual Texas marriage records ( Once users type a name in the search interface, they have access to a comprehensive range of documents.

charges a yearly fee of .95 by credit card or Pay Pal. The member must cancel the trial before it expires to avoid the membership charge.

Manu Ginobili can whoop Matt Barnes in 1-on-1 in a million ways, but I bet Matt Barnes will have twice as many ladies running towards him to wipe his sweat. Everybody loves the gray area, but the Spurs just HAD to be black and white. On road games, they look like pallbearers running back and forth transporting huge oranges between two holes. When Baron Davis stepped over-and-back in the dying seconds of Game 2, Derek Fisher threw his whole body and soul in a fist pump to celebrate the turnover; when Fisher hit the dagger three-pointer in overtime in that same game, he pointed both hands upwards in recognition of God and the high heavens.

But then again, we can't count out the exotic European twat. Even the figure of speech 'black and white' refers to stagnancy and linearity. It's hard to stay lively and cheer for the Spurs when their color forces you into a mourning mood. In home games, the Spurs' white duds complemented with the black stripes make them totally disappear from your line of sight and makes you focus on the away team's players even more. Special mention to Tim Duncan, the captain that leads this Spurs force. Come on, that single game actually totally out-emotionized the whole Spurs team this whole playoffs.

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To cancel, click on “help” at the bottom of the website or in “my accounts,” click “I want to cancel my membership or change billing options,” and click “subscription options.” Gen Wed.com’s database of Texas marriage records links to (

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