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Will elk be considered for release in other areas of the state?The present elk restoration zone was chosen since it contains a large amount of public land that has few agricultural crops and is composed of suitable habitat for elk. The initial elk released came from Elk Island National Park (EINP) in Alberta, Canada. The subspecies of elk that once roamed in Tennessee (Cervus elaphus canadensis) are extinct but a closely related subspecies of elk (Cervus elaphus manitobensis) were released into Tennessee in December of 2000.While our lower slopes are very accommodating for beginners, our upper slopes will challenge seasoned intermediate and advanced skiers/riders as well. For the safety of the animals the bulls had their antlers removed prior to transporting them to Tennessee and mature bulls were transported apart from the rest of the animals. meadows (in summer), foothills, pains, and valleys. Usually seen in groups of 25 or more; both sexes together in winter, old bulls in separate groups during summer. Migrates up mountains in spring, down in fall; males shed antlers Feb.– March; velvet shed in Aug. Calf has high-pitched squeal when in danger; cow has similar squeal, also sharp bark when traveling with herd; males have high-pitched bugling call that starts with a low note and ends with a few low-toned grunts, heard during rutting season, especially at night. Apparently established on Afognak I., Alaska (not on map). The last historical record of an elk being sighted in Tennessee was in 1865 when one was reported to be killed in Obion County.

In western areas elk are very mobile mostly in response to availability of suitable habitat which may be influenced by weather conditions.

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However, no specific plans exist at this time to restore elk in other areas. https://tnwf.org/elk-viewing-tower/ Will elk bring diseases to other Tennessee wildlife or to domestic livestock and pets?

All elk brought into Tennessee for release go through strict disease testing prior to release.

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Elk have the potential to cause crop and property damage if they occur in areas that have large amounts of row crops and/or have large numbers of people.

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