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Through monthly meetings in conjunction with the Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), members have opportunities to receive updates on current issues, hear speakers on various topics, develop leadership skills, plan and implement fund raisers and charitable events, contribute to the community and local schools, and attend state ATPE conventions.

A bulletin board in the first-floor hallway of Stoddard Hall provides information on meeting dates.

This doesn't mean that your classroom must be an icebox, however.

You can still build warm relationships with students without placing them or yourself at risk.

The same holds true for establishing dual relationships with students and parents.

To avoid such accusations, with the exception of a handshake, avoid touching students.A teacher who has poor boundaries not only reduces her effectiveness as an instructor, but puts herself in a situation that is professionally and legally precarious.You can prevent even the merest suggestion of impropriety by maintaining strict professional boundaries.Membership dues cover initiation and graduation ceremonies, honor cords to wear at graduation, access to scholarships, grants, job-search and referral services, a professional journal and international conference information. For more information, contact faculty advisor Claudia Sanchez, Ph D.CAID helps you learn more about deaf culture and provides opportunities to volunteer with members of the deaf community and practice signing with others.

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