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No one in the pick up artist community would know his real name or about his writing career until later in 2005.

At this point, Neil decided he should make the choice to reveal his own identity within the pick up artist community rather than have another journalist reveal it.

Neil's bachelor party was a big event featuring the funeral of his pickup artist alter-ego Style, complete with a real coffin, tombstone and eulogy.

In the coffin was laid a 'peacocking style' party suit and guests left their notes for the couple inside it (instead of the typical book).

The original list is much longer but nevertheless, a few are listed below: Neil Strauss was born in Illinois, and today lives in Los Angeles. Always pushing forward, he soon became a copy-editor, proofreader, reporter and critic for the Village Voice.

Midway through Strauss's career as a writer, the New York Times noticed his skill.

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