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Try to find something productive to do that will keep you busy and won't allow you the time necessary in order to stalk the object of your affection.Let something else become your passion, whether it's a hobby, volunteering or a job. Your stalking behavior may be indicative of a mental health issue that needs to be addressed, so make an appointment with a counselor or therapist in order to learn some coping mechanisms and get some prescription medication if necessary. Do not brand yourself as an obsessive stalker for the rest of your life, especially if you seek out the help you need in order to change your behavior.She was forced to get a loan from her folks to make it to the next court date.

Realize that the other person is simply not intended to be with you, and there is someone else out there who will love you without any stalking necessary. Stalking can take up a lot of time and you may find that once you stop stalking you aren't really sure what to do with your time.

Individuals have been cyberstalked for the most minor reasons by people they've angered in the past.

Victims were targeted because they dumped a guy after dating less than a month, fired an employee, were part of a business deal gone bad or parked in the wrong parking spot.

To say he was angry was an understatement, he vowed right then he’d “make her pay.” This threat had new meaning when she went a couple of days later to buy groceries.

When all her credit cards were politely and embarrassingly declined, she went home to discover that Jerry had canceled them and her cell phone, and drained her bank accounts, literally leaving her with just fifty cents.

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Cyberstalking is such a new phenomenon that the media and law enforcement have yet to broadly define and quantify it.

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