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But when I opened my eyes, I saw that the balloons had deflated and were coming down, so the strings were all resting on my face.” Park Ha Na mentioned that she used to go the same gym as Sung Hoon, and she revealed that although Sung Hoon is typically aloof when it comes to women, she had spotted him being especially friendly to a female celebrity that went to their gym.Sung Hoon rushed over to Park Ha Na and asked her to whisper the female celebrity’s name into his ear.My boyfriend then woke me up and took me to the room next door, which was completely filled with balloons.He had planned it all out beforehand and had purchased balloons and candles [to surprise me].” “I was really moved,” she went on.

The rumor started with an article which was only made up of assumptions and opinions.Yoo Jae Suk sympathized with her story, then asked what had happened later on in their relationship.Jun So Min made everyone laugh by revealing that she and her boyfriend had eventually broken up because of her drinking.Song Ji Hyo, who had never talked about her love life on “Running Man” before, told a story about a boyfriend with whom she once spent the holidays.She said, “It was when I was promoting [as an actress], and since we couldn’t go on a date in public, we decided to spend Christmas at home.” She continued, “We were hanging out, and I fell asleep.

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