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If you wish to observe the process of determining socionic personality types we can let you know when out practical work is held in schools, or we can do it for your group of people in a place convenient for you. This will help react correctly in all life situations, using strong sides, and to concern attentively to weak ones to accumulate the necessary information for right behaviour.Education Formation of mentally comfortable classes, discovering the innate potential for knowledge of pupils to anable individual approach to each one, taking into consideration their educational and vocational orientation. Science Socionics for philosophy, sociology, pedagogics, psychology. Management Scientific selection of staff, organization and reorganization of effective comfortable groups. Socionics and its possibility Application of the laws of Socionics gives new real possibilities.I can just sense that the last three would not be accepted very well by the public or even be practical - although I think with relationships, socionics dating would be an obvious good idea. Let me explain: - Arranged marriages: I think traditional arranged marriages is the most backwards approach to dating, followed by the essentially `free market` western approach, followed by socionics.Combining socionics with something backwards is not an innovative idea...The soul of the Ukrainian nation Ethnosocionics reveals the mentality of each nation.Description and demonstration of Ukrainian mentality. Socion The scientific organization of people into certain groups which leads to social progress.

- Cities and geographic places arranged by type is like racial segregation - does not make sense...We offer to look through an essence and possibilities of socionics to all visitors on our site. 8) Radio -ABC5 - relashionships of duality, features of ILE ( 924 , time 20 min., broadcast ) 9) Radio -ABC6 - characteristics of SEI, (738 B, time - 20 min., broadcast ) 10) Radio - trade Relationships with other people Relationships have natural laws and are predictable.Here you will learn how to use socionics in many areas of life: in education, medicine, manufacturing, public services, management and politics, about a place of in psychology and other sciences, and its benefit for their development. Disclosing and correction of the interpersonal relationships. Knowing this laws results in favourable organization of the society, in the development of the culture of cooperative communication and hence in social progress.The people in socion are united in complementing groups, which have their own style of working and functioning within the society and gives valuable realization of the person's potential.Organization The principles of socion organization of any group: from family to government.

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