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To set up a smart playlist, open i Tunes and go to File Smart Playlist.

Here are five examples of simple set-ups that can some variety to your listening experience.

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I have tried letting the songs play, hoping they'll fall off the playlist. I'm willing to do drastic measures because these are tracks I really don't like - at all. Yes, the list is set to live updating and to match all rules. I tried different syncing options: removing the offending playlists from the sync, removing *all* music from syncing, lots of swearing.

No add-ons, and the Mini is a pretty barebones install as an HTPC - only other program installed is Firefox. Not jailbroken and no music/audio related apps (like equalizers).

What I've tried: Deleted the playlist and started over with a new one with a different name, but the same criteria. The only difference I can grok is that those are based on "genre" instead of "kind".

(Deleted it on the phone and in i Tunes, quit i Tunes, turned phone off/on, synced, and then created the new list.)Changed the metadata in i Tunes for the music from "music" to "audiobook". It's as if there's something in the metadata overriding the smart playlist criteria. Short of taking more drastic steps (setting up the i Phone as a new device, reinstalling i Tunes, etc.), is there anything else I can do or check to find the source of this issue?

One of the few advantages i Tunes (and Winamp and Windows Media Player) has over Spotify, Rdio and other streaming services is support for smart playlists.

Thanks to the wealth of metadata stored by Apple's digital content behemoth, you can juggle your tracks around in all kinds of ways.

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If I could just track them down and blow them completely away, I would. I assume you have it set to live updating and set to match ALL the rules not just any? I'd really prefer not to go through and set it up as a new phone. It was annoying to do but it's fixed it for me so far. Things are improved - so far only a few songs syncing to the i Phone that shouldn't be.1.

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