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Then the host gets another suggestion and players B, C, and E have a separate, new scene together.Rotate right again, new suggestion, and players C, D, and E have a separate scene together.Right after interviewing the Featured Audience Member, the cast will sometimes play this freeform game using the answers. Two players start on stage and the host gets a suggestion for the scene, in addition to a letter to start the dialogue with.Players will perform a selection of scenes that reenact an average day in the life of our FAM. For example, if the letter picked was L then the next letter would be M and so on through the alphabet.The host gets a suggestion from the audience and asks one parent a question inspired by it.

The game descriptions below are provided so that you can have a basic idea of how a game works before you volunteer. Should you choose to volunteer, the cast will guide you and help you to have a good time on stage with us!This game is similar to Revolver, but with five players.Four players, A, B, C, and D each pick one corner of the stage, and player E stands in the center.The host gets one last suggestion and the rap master does a solo rap for as long as they can. The host asks the audience for two simple statements and two simple questions.Examples of sentences could be Why are we stuck here? One statement and one question are given to two players, and they can ONLY use these catch phrases during the scene.

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