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And if you want to understand how this scam works, the Better Business Bureau has Sunmola’s entire email script online. In 2016, mobile device usage first surpassed desktop usage.Scammers have adapted their means to fit the omnipresence of smart devices.We talked to real single dudes about their Instagram habits in attempts to make things more clear.When your crush likes your selfie, you automatically want to assume that it means he’s DTF, but does it really?’ She knew every like I ever threw and used it against me,” he says. How to be a good boyfriend #1: pick your battles.” Other guys get equally as jealous when their girl likes a dude’s sexy pic.

“I’m very selective with my likes,” says Andreas, 25.But other dudes say they don’t get too methodical with their insta-likes, and throw out likes pretty freely — if it’s someone they’d wanna “bang.” “I like photos of girls I would bang and pretty much any photo a friend of mine [girls included] would post, unless it’s insulting to someone else,” says David, 21. “I definitely like a girl’s pictures more if I want to bang her, but sometimes I just appreciate a good picture even if she’s not really my type,” he says. So a dude who likes every girl’s bikini selfie on Instagram is probably not the type of dude you’d consider Prince Charming, but then again, does it really matter?Is the type of guy who throws likes to Instagram models the type of guy who would cheat on you with an Instagram model given the chance?“If it was some celebrity or model or whatever, then [I wouldn’t care], but if it was a mutual friend or one of my boys and it happened consistently, I’d probably care,” he says.It seems like the majority of “normal” dudes think commenting on a girl’s photo is way too thirsty, judging by my research.

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