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Bots are closely linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI), as they both process natural language, while also continuously learning from the data to handle our commands better.Big tech companies are now increasingly opening up their platforms for external developers.When I first heard that Facebook Messenger was introducing chatbots, I immediately thought back to junior high summers.Picture a virtual assistant that helps find directions, schedules appointments or plays music, and the soothing yet robotic sound of a female voice likely comes to mind.Apple didn’t offer users the option to give Siri a male voice until two years later.Those first impressions stuck; to this day, many people still use female pronouns to refer to Siri.This rapid confluence of interest and opportunity is the reason why big companies like Barclays are taking risks and developing chatbots for their overseas audiences.

This leads us to the next perspective, that bots will offer users new ways to interact and new interfaces.If you haven’t already noticed, bots are on the rise and we take a look at what they are and what they mean.You might want to digest that word for a little while.“This bot is helping you to manage money or set your budget, but it’s not about hanging out with you and being your flirty virtual buddy.” The name KAI stands for Kasisto AI, but the company also liked it because the name Kai has different meanings in different cultures, including victory, fire, willow tree or lovable.Like diversity on movie screens or in media, some experts and developers say that chatbots can also reinforce stereotypes or biases about people who work in particular professions.

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In essence, it’s about using human language, our speech or words to interact with systems, and that the systems themselves learn from our language, behaviour and input.

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