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Death Inadvertently sexy and sympathetic to Devil's plight.He's now become a cute devil, and he's designed to stand opposite an older Cupid.I can't stress how impressive it is, and I'm in a huge debt to such an amazing community of artists persisting to perfect their craft.He is well beyond hating his job and wants something on the side to spice his existence up.I'll be spending the next month picking up the scraps and helping with the lighting and rendering setup.Hopefully we'll have it all done in time for Siggraph in LA, which I'll also be attending.Then we can expect a large chunk of rendering and compositing time.We have some colour script images done, as you can see by the edit, but if anyone else would like to lend a hand and do some I'd really love to get some more done to flesh out the timeline.

I can't sort how impressive it is, and I'm in a rigid debt to such an in community of points seeing to induce their craft.He wants to find love but he's way too shy to do anything about it.However Cupid was in love with Death and rather obnoxious about it such as slapping her butt , despite this Death had a soft spot for him and encouraged his behavior - this would cause conflict when the Devil began to have feelings for Death and an ugly love triangle emerged.I didn't want him to have the obvious horns, so I worked his hair into a horn shape instead.Death is the newest character to the story and ends up being the love interest for both Cupid and Devil, but she's no damsel in distress and could take them both on if she were to succumb to her instincts.

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