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The person must complete the Proof of Service form (DV-200) and it must be filed with the court. If you disobey the order, you can go to jail or be fined.If you are ordered to move out, then take your clothes and belongings you will need until the court date and move out. The hearing date is on the Notice of Court Hearing (Form DV-109).As the protected party, you should always have a certified copy of the restraining order with you.If the restrained party violates the order by committing or threatening violence, you should call your local law enforcement agency.You should still appear at the court hearing and tell the court that you were unable to get the paperwork served.The court will continue the hearing and extend the temporary restraining order to the continuation date.If there is a need to renew the order, you must apply during the three month period before your order expires.You will need to complete the Request to Renew Restraining Order form (DV700), and Order to Renew Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DV730) and file these forms with the court. Lawyers are helpful, but you can file these forms even if you do not have a lawyer.

You also may have a person over the age of 18 who is not a party to the action serve a copy of the paperwork.If you have a restraining order, only a Judge can change or cancel a restraining order before it expires.If you wish to cancel your restraining order you will have to come into court and file the appropriate paperwork to set your matter for a hearing in front of the judge.I had a issue with both rooms I got last 121 I come to find out it was out of service and they still gave it to me both had Roches not good someone needs to call me back I left corporate to messages to call me back and I want to call me back The bed was NOT like a cloud. Overall a poor Days Inn from others I’ve stayed in.

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There is No Filing Fee to apply for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

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