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She knows we are married and have children together.This b1tch fuked around with a married man who had been married to his wife for 11 years.I have told his wife so that this good woman can move on with her life. At this point he’s seeing at least 3 additional women. I caught them and packed me and my daughter’s stuff told him to choose he left with her.He came back saying she was a mistake he was sorry but I caught him talking to her on his phone.After she hadn’t come out for a while he went looking for her to get it. He continued to go meet her when she was dancing, having sex with her while paying for her room and all of her other bills. Funny thing is he still talks to her after 8 months and is dumb enough to think he’s the only one she’s screwing and getting money from!

The boyfriend is dumb and stupid for staying with her.

She will leave him at home go out party some nights not even come home leaving her family wondering where she is and if she is ok.

She only cares about herself and nobody else she pretends that her family comes first but in fact she does not care about her family guys beware she may seem perfect but she will hurt you in the end Dated for six months lived together for 3months. 3.5 months later still stalking me hit me with a pool stick in the head at the local pub. This skank after wrecking my friends friends marriage came after my bffs husband at a known trash heap bar.

She obviously cant be trusted she opens her legs for just out everyone in town. Guys better get checked you never know you might have something.

My husband went to a strip club with a few friends to have a drink and was approached by BAMBI to go in back for a lap dance. So she stole his checkbook out of his back pocket and went to the back room. She knew he was married with three kids but didn’t seem to stop her.

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She left her clothes in his house tried saying that his wife stole her clothes and burned them.

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