In 1987 the new Mound Stand, designed by Michael Hopkins and Partners, was opened, followed by the Grand Stand (by Nicholas Grimshaw) in 1996.

The ground can currently hold up to 28,000 spectators.

Lord's is widely referred to as the Home of Cricket Lord's today is not on its original site, being the third of three grounds that Lord established between 17.

His first ground, now referred to as Lord's Old Ground, was where Dorset Square now stands.

Another highly visible feature of the ground is Old Father Time, a weather vane in the shape of Father Time, currently stands on a structure adjacent to the Mound Stand on the south-east side of the field.

The Media Centre was commissioned in time for the 1999 Cricket World Cup, and was the first all-aluminium, semi-monocoque building in the world.

The only cricketer to hit a ball over the pavilion was Albert Trott, off Monty Noble on 31 July 1899.

This historic landmark— a Grade II*-listed building— underwent an £8 million refurbishment programme in 2004–05.

The pavilion is primarily for members of MCC, who may use its amenities, which include seats for viewing the cricket, the Long Room and its Bar, the Bowlers Bar, and a members' shop.

However, a new pub of the same name is open in the grounds, as well as the Members Bar, in the Pavilion.

One of the most distinctive and famous features of the Lord's ground is the significant slope across the field.

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