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Note that you have to pay a pet fee for every connection flight.So if you book the cheapest flight from JFK to LAX and it takes you all day and a total of 3 flights to getthere, this might end up costing you more at the end because you would have to pay 5 * 3 = 5 for your pet on United, for instance.For example, many dissatisfied pet traveling customers of United Airlines reported experiences of having their pet rejected by the agent at the airport.The agents they dealt with apparently deemed that the pet was too large even though the customer followed the rules. They didn’t refund tickets or do anything about the customer having to cancel their trip and losing their money.

Some airlines have their own forms and can be submitted online or via email, whereas other airlines outline what you need to provide in the documents.

Based on the airline’s commitment, how strict their rules are, the maximum dimensions of cat carrier allowed, and real customer reviews, below is my rating of how cat friendly the airlines are.

Check out Alternatively, you can book your ticket online and within 24 hours, call the airline reservation line and notify them that you will be taking your cat with you on the plane.

There are some airlines that highlight pet travel as something they wish to make as pleasant as possible for their customers.

While other airlines have very strict rules around pet travel and almost dismiss it as though it’s something they unwillingly have to participate in.

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