Sam milby and piolo pascual dating

The buzz created by the write-up unimaginably escalated, earning the ire of the two actors.

The article was received quite maliciously by some, because of the issues surrounding the long-questioned sexuality of the ultimate Kapamilya hunk.

Both are extremely good-looking, young, nice, quiet and give each other such starry looks when in each other’s company on ABS-CBN that it is very hard not to think that they are gay and a couple too!

Realizing that she was in the wrong place, she started looking for another entrance or exit, walking and looking left and right.

Two men caught Manay Lolit's attention as she sauntered over.

In 2007, the famous talent manager wrote in her column for a local tabloid that she saw Pascual with fellow actor Sam Milby dining together at Sofitel Hotel.

She also mentioned that she saw the two seemingly whispering to each other.

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