Salt and peper dating

Complete your knight costume - or damsel in distress who's really a kick ass swordsman in disguise costume - with this cardboard Medieval sword.

Sturdier than paper and much safer than the metal of a real sword, this version can be used by kids without risk.

Money makes an all-purpose gift, but this cute card makes it feel less tacky to give.

Watch this video card-making tutorial and learn how to craft a money holder gift card.

Use different colors of paper to trace out the edges of the box and then you will tape them all together.

Make edges off the paper when you trace them so they fold over.

You will need: cutter printed template of the 3D design. Follow these steps and you will have your very own amazing 3D paper design!

But part of what makes it shine so brightly is how bad the competition is.In this step-by-step video tutorial by Vivian Kistler, learn how to frame your basketball, baseball, soccer, or football jersey without leaving your house.Vivian Kistler is an MCPF (Master Certified Picture Framer) and GCF (Guild Commended Framer) and has traveled worldwide giving seminars on picture framing and has written over 28 books on the s...Not sure what to do with that left over streamer paper from a party?Why not save it until Valentine's Day and fashion a bouquet of paper roses out of it?

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You Tube illusionist Brusspup has used everything from mirrors to fire to create his optical illusions, but his latest trick is a little more 2D.

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