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Born to a politically active family--both of her parents are Socialists.

Her father works as an architect and teacher, while her mother Susie is a teacher, supporting the feminist movement.

In childhood she sold the Socialist Worker newsletter for pocket money, attended marches and rallies after school with her activist mother and stepfather and even shared her home with striking miners.

She was discovered at age 15 in Covent Garden by the same scout who discovered Naomi Campbell, and embarked on a successful career as a model.

Her popularity comes from the movies such as Deep Blue Sea, Wing Commander, Enigma, The Bank Job, and Troy.

She is also best known for her role in TV shows like Detective Serena Stevens on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the famous Lorraine Weller on Boston Legal.

It was kind of horrific tale about government corruption of the worst sort that ultimately threatened to tear a family apart and caused one man to sacrifice everything.

She’s a great actress, so long as she gets the right role.

She agreed and began her career in modeling at the age of just 15.

She got noticed with the series Boston Legal which she started as a cast in 2007. Moving on to her personal life, Burrow was involved in a romantic relationship with director Mike Figgis. She was also involved with Alan Cumming for about two years.

She played the role of Lorraine Weller for 20 episodes. She was also rumored to have dated Bill Clinton at one time. She was even listed in the category of the most influential gay person in the UK by The Independent magazine in the year 2006.

Back in 2014, Saffron went public for the first time about her marriage to Alison, where she announced that the married in a private ceremony two months after the US Supreme Court passed the Marriage Equality Act.

44 years old, Saffron Burrows is an actress and model.

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1; Michael Apted's Enigma; Mike Figgis' Timecode, and his film adaptation of the classic play, Miss Julie, in the lead role; Pat O'Connor's Circle of Friends; and Jim Sheridan's In the Name of the Father. In Los Angeles, Burrows starred in Melissa James Gibson's This for the Kirk Douglas Theater.

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