Ron and hermione dating

There was a picnic basket on the blanket, there was a pitcher of lemonade floating with glasses full of ice in the air also.

There was no one around for miles, no one here to see the magic happening, total secrecy like Hermione promised.

She pointed her wand at the flowers and they started glowing with sparkles flying around them.

And lastly she pointed sun, which was slowing setting into the sky, and it seemed more beautiful than usual.

Some were magically stung together by strung but some were flying around, some yellow, green, pink, purple, blue and other colors!"Well, I'm glad that this place is so special to you." He said, leaning in to her."And I'm glad that you became a witch and went to Hogwarts.For Harry's 17 birthday, Ron had given him the book called, "Twelve Fail-Safe Ways To Charm Witches." Hermione found out about and threw it away. Ron slung his arm over Hermione's shoulder and pulled her close.He used the same pick-up line to her when she was decorating for Harry's birthday party. She was warm against him, they watched the sunset together.

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